Monday, April 29, 2013

90-Hour Bible Reading Marathon Underway at US Capitol

90-Hour Bible Reading Marathon Underway at US Capitol

Churches in America Fall Short When It Comes to Multicultural Congregations

Churches in America Fall Short When It Comes to Multicultural Congregations

I am more than thrilled to say that our Church, LIFE Church of Chicagoland, is a very diverse and happy multicultural community of faith representing some 21 different nations.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Dangers In Shadow Banking Are Real

Shadow banking brought America to its knees, and now it’s growing like crazy in China – Quartz

Shadow Banking is the auxiliary or unregulated actions of banks and similar entities (such as investment firms) parlayed among global elite with enough clout (trillions of dollars) to wreck economies and nations.

China Banks A Threat To Our Economy

Boxing at shadows? China banks may be a threat to our economy | Crikey

Another Pro-Life Display Vandalized by Students | The Daily Caller

Another Indicator of Who Is Intolerant . . . And It's Not The So-Called 'Right.'
Another pro-life display vandalized by students | The Daily Caller

America Becoming Increasingly 'Post-Christian,' Research Shows

America Becoming Increasingly 'Post-Christian,' Research Shows

America is due an Awakening.  Though 80% of Americans describe themselves as Christian, circumstances affirm that, as Christ warned, we have lost our saltiness, we have a very dim light shining.  I, for one, believe Father God will gather in an End-Time Harvest by many different means of witnessing, including entertainment field, celebrities, media, news media, Hollywood and the Church.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Vatican Looks To Overhaul

Pope Francis appoints panel to study overhaul of the Vatican - Los Angeles Times

The Vatican will be a prime player in global, End-Time, Prophetic events.  Being closely connected with the main banking and government leaders of Europe (who, like the Pope, are Jesuits), will become the Revived Roman Empire as prophesied in Bible Prophecy.  The components are all in place, as I see it, and becoming coalesced day-by-day.  This is not an ominous or doomsday-type of prognosis, but one of hope and excitement as we look for Christ's soon return.

Global Masters

Trilateral Commission: Grand Masters of Global Tyranny – United ...

Trilateral Commission Member List

2012 Trilateral Commission Member List | Don't Tread On Me

One of the most interesting articles on the people of power and influence who affect global events and our lives.

Army Colonel Says Christians America's Greatest Threat

US Army Displays Hostility Toward Christians

The spirit of anti-Christ is at work influencing the hearts and minds of mankind.  It can be described as any spirit and influence intent on casting off restraint, especially the authority and influence of God's Word from the lives of men.  As such, and with the increase of this anti-God influence and spirit, we will see an ever-increasing hatred for righteousness and godliness and a hatred for the same along with increased persecution.  Again, this is not a doomsday-type of a prediction, but one of hope and excitement as we see Bible prophecy coming to pass right before our eyes.  The greatest witness to the world today is a joyful, Spirit-empowered, loving, mercy-giving Body of Christ, the Church, serving and convincing all men, everywhere, of Christ's reality.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Nuclear War Unavoidable

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

What Is Vatican City?

What Exactly is Vatican City? - Acton Institute (blog)

One Of America's Biggest Wastes

America's Most Obvious Tax Reform Idea: Kill the Oil and Gas Subsidies - The Atlantic

It is unthinkable that Oil Companies receive Trillions in subsidies.  Who rules the world?  Who rules Washington?  Evidence points to those who wield power and control over Oil and the Money.

Star Power Rules Globe

American Star Power Still Rules the Globe

Hollywood continues to be a strong, global influence on the world's perception of the United States.

Google Helps Unmask Human Traffickers

Google Turns to Big Data to Unmask Human Traffickers - Businessweek

Meet The Bitcoin Millionaires

Meet the Bitcoin Millionaires

For Your Health

Antibiotics: No Quick Fix

For many, it may be hard to imagine that taking antibiotics is not the best practice for overall health.  Each time we are dependent on antibiotics, our natural immune system and defenses are weakened. This is similar to taking antihistamines that temporarily make us feel better but they actually help create an unhealthy environment in sinus cavities where fungus and bacteria find dark, damp and moist environs in which they can flourish.  The body was made to heal itself and many homeopathic options are available.

Not An Insignificant Matter. Australia Leaves Dollar

Australia to Abandon the U.S. Dollar

Israel's Energy Independence Prophetic!

Game-changer: Israeli natural gas began flowing today. Dawn of “energy independence.” Prophetic, too?

North Korea Poised To Strike The US

Threat in Pacific: North Korea approves nuclear strike on U.S. Warns “moment of explosion is approaching fast.”

North Korea Tells Embassies To Evacuate Ahead Of War Coming

Breaking: North Korea warns foreign embassies to evacuate by April 10th. War coming, or is it another bluff?

Showdown With Iran Days Away

Senior Israeli official: Iran must halt enrichment within “a few weeks.” Says deadline needed for military action on Iran.

Green Blob Spotted Beyond The Shield

Who you gonna call? Astronomers spot ghostly glowing green blob deep in space | Mail Online

Green Blob In Deep Space

nebula IC 1295 - Astronomers spot glowing green blob deep in space

Digital Currency Beats Paper

Bitcoin Rises: Digital currency beats paper

Hardly a more significant sign points to the rise of the anti-Christ than the move toward a cashless society that will permit every human on Earth to be managed.  'Virtual Transactions' have become the norm for millions worldwide through internet commerce, acclimating us to conducting business without having to exchange hard cash.  Direct deposits and the use of credit and debit cards also tend to lessen our association with hard currency.

Life Begins At Fertilization

Kansas bill correctly declares life begins at fertilization

The Enemy's Chief Tool In The Last Days

Church Study Reveals Deception Gripping Believers

What Is A Progressive?

How Do We Measure 'Progressives?'

The Battle Is Not Against People. The Battle Involves God's Word, Infallible Truth

Gay Agenda's Intimidation Tactics Won't Stop Me From Speaking Truth

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dividing The Middle East, Says Bible

Dividing the Middle East

Rome And Berlin Reconnect

The Old Rome-Berlin Axis Is Back

Bloomberg Reports On President's Retirement Savings Cap

Obama Seeks to Cap Retirement Accounts so That no Individual Saves “More Than is Needed”

Underground Airport Systems

Denver Airport Whistleblower: ‘Underground Tunnels, Structures and Buried Runways Exist’

Say 'Amen!' Somebody. Student Debt Bad For All

High Student Debt Poses Risk To Growth, Federal Reserve Says - Huffington Post

Truth-o-Meter Turns On Harry Reid

Harry Reid: "In the last two years, we have reduced the deficit by $2.5 trillion."

More On Move Toward One World Banking And Mark Of The Beast

Rajoy Calls on EU to Give ECB Powers Comparable to BOE, Fed - Bloomberg

Banks Showing Their Hand

Offshore tax havens rocked by bank account leaks (News)

Unacceptable Poverty Under Our Noses

The Tunnel People That Live Under The Streets Of America

Preparation Is Best Safety Measure

25 Things That You Should Do To Get Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse

Social Skills No More?

STUDY: 'Social media' makes people ruder; Cuts short friendships...

Bitcoin Currency Down By Almost One Half

Bitcoin Suffers A Correction Amid Apparent DDOS Attacks On Some Exchanges - TechCrunch

Shadow Banking Showdown

Offshore Banking and the Shadow of the Gallows

Is Global Economy Failing?!

Time Magazine Asks If the Global Economy is Falling Apart

A Matter Of More Money Meaning Less

Why Money Printing Makes You Poorer

Why Christians Should Care About Israel

Why Should Christians Care About Israel?

Billions Of US Dollars In Shadow Banking Deals In Russia

Bank of Russia reveals billions of dubious dollars

RX's For Seniors Over Inflated

Big Pharma made $711 bln overcharging seniors and disabled

Bitcoins A Good Thing?

Bitcoin derivatives, unlike gold and silver cases, is a good thing

US Upgrading Nuclear Weapons Arsenal

US to upgrade nuke arsenal while cutting nonproliferation efforts report

North Korea Warns Foreigners To Evacuate South Korea

Luxembourg To Ease Its Banking Secrecy (ie. Shadow Banking)

Tax Havens (Shadow Banking) Shut Down By Fance's President

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tanks No Longer In Germany

There are no longer USA tanks in Germany: Do Americans understand this is a serious risk?

Church Trend Among Millennials

RealClearReligion - Millennials Downsize the Megachurch

It's my opinion that churches of all sizes and most any background are seeking or beginning to seek all of the Promises of God given to His Church realizing no Promise has an expiration date. 

Bitcoins Are A Bubble Says CNN Money

The Buzz - Investment and Stock Market News

Bitcoins are 'virtual money' exchanged somewhat the way Cloud Data is stored on the internet, 'out there' 'somewhere.'  Billions of dollars of transactions take place each year on the internet without a single piece of hard coin or currency being transferred.

You Need To Know About 'Bitcoins'

Bitcoin: The Internet's secret currency makes its first public appearances - Technology on

Bohemian Grove For Global Elite's Elite

The Euro Zone And The Global Crisis

NYT: The Euro Zone and the Global C

You Need To Understand Global Shadow Banking. It Caused The 2008 Collapse

How Scary Is China's Shadow Banking System? - Forbes

Shadow Banking brought us to our crisis in 2008.  Shadow Banking is the unregulated transactions that banks or other monetary firms can conduct, worth Trillions of Dollars a year.  Sometimes they do not involve the exchange of hard currency and take place virtually.  However, their weight and influence are huge and can cause markets and nations to fail.

More On A Banking Union

ECB: The Banking Union - a European perspective: reasons, benefits and challenges of the Banking Union

Gate To Hell Discovered?

‘Gate to hell’ discovered in Antichrist’s neighborhood

Thursday, April 4, 2013

North Korea Threatens Merciless Strike On US

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

United Religions?

Pope Francis Now Urges All Religions To Unite

Influence Enough For One World Religion?

Is Pope Francis Forming An Alliance With Islam?

Historic (And Prophetic) Day For Israel

Netanyahu Hails ‘Historic Day’ As Israel Starts Pumping Gas From Huge Find

Good News From The Energy Front

Experts: US Energy Boom Gives Country More Global Influence

A Possible Move From Green Back To Yuan?

China to Surpass US as World’s Top Crude Importer, OPEC Says

BoA Has The Worst Record

Bank of America has Worst Big Bank Home Loan Customer Service Complaint Record

Bilderberg Meeting 2013 - London

Bilderberg 2013 Set To Take Place Near London?

The Eroding Of Marital Norms

The Consequences of Redefining Marriage: Eroding Marital Norms

Truth-o-Meter Talks Economy vs Debt

Paul Ryan: "Our debt is already bigger than our economy."

Truth-o-Meter Talks Deficit

Harry Reid: "In the last two years, we have reduced the deficit by $2.5 trillion."

Impetus For Global Electronic Currency

EU needs strong enforcement of money-laundering laws (Opinion)

BRICS Currency Here?

BRICS countries dump the euro, establish bank (News)

What Are The Real Unemployment Numbers?

The Chart That Proves That The Mainstream Media Is Lying To You About Unemployment

A Look Inside The Global Economy

Why Is The World Economy Doomed? The Global Financial Pyramid Scheme By The Numbers

EU Troops Begin Training

[Ticker] EU troops begin training mission in Mali

Germany Destined To Rule?

[Ticker] Germany 'destined' to assume EU leadership

Teen Mobbing In Chicago

Hundreds of teens mob pedestrians on Chicago's Magnificent Mile - U.S. News

Cyprus Could Happen Everywhere

News Headlines - Shared with Global News for Android -

World Controllers Of Virtual Money

Barons of Bitcoin: the Tokyo-based powerhouse that controls the world's virtual money | The Verge

Bitcoin, Bad Currency

Bitcoin Is A Bad Currency But It Might Be A Good Platform For Financial Innovation - Forbes

Cryptocurrencies And Money

How Cryptocurrencies Could Upend Banks Monetary Role

Shadow Banking, Banking In The Shadows

Ask A Banker: Shadow Banking Is Like Banking, Only Shadier : Planet Money : NPR

Vatican Bank May Close

Pope Francis may close scandal-hit Vatican bank -

Pope Conducts Internal Review

Insight: Pope to review Vatican bureaucracy, scandal-ridden bank

BRICS World Bank?

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