Tuesday, August 25, 2015

8 Things StemExpress Probably Didn't Want You to See in the New Undercover Video't-want-you-to-see-in-the-new-undercover-video

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bible Codes Hint That 2016 Is Ripe For Messiah - Israel News

Is Israel's Messiah's Appearance Near?

Bible Codes Hint that 2016 is Ripe for Messiah - Israel News

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Spiritual Revolution That Shook the American Colonies

Wake up! ISIS Plans to Trigger an Armageddon-like Battle

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ISIS Executes 19 Girls for Refusing to Have Sex with Fighters as UN envoy ...

Americans are infinitely spoiled and ungrateful.  As the atrocities of WWII unfolded, major news media, military and governmental leaders refused to acknowledge the evidence because we didn't have the stomach for the truth.

Not much has changed.  We still complain about many things that others around the world would call a luxury (such as traffic jams, waiting in a drive-thru, getting our new shoes or clothes soiled in a downpour, being served poorly at a nice restaurant).

God, forgive us for our lack of care, concern and compassion and for our lack of prayer and gratitude.  

Why Millennials Are Turned Off by All This End-Time Talk

Why Millennials Are Turned Off by All This End-Time Talk

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Is ISIS Growing Persecution a Sign of the End Times?