Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Theology of Mormonism

More than 25 years ago I started an extensive period of studying Mormonism
with different sets of Mormon Missionaries (whom I have grown to have a love
for) a Mormon Stake (Regional) President and attended exclusive Missionary Meetings
featuring live feeds from top Mormon leaders in Salt Lake City.

I was also able to collect some tremendous study materials produced by
Desert Press, etc. for training Mormon Missionaries and teaching Mormon
doctrine. In other words, I had a few years of being immersed in studying
Mormonism and can tell you 1,000%, regardless of how innocuous it appears,
it is NOT Christian.

1. They use the very same terminology that we use in the Christian Church
but their terminology (whether it is in referring to Jesus, God or Heaven) is
NOT the same meaning as ours!

2. In Mormon doctrine, Jesus and satan are brothers and Jesus delivered a
little better plan to God that satan did concerning the plan of salvation and

3. There are three levels of Heaven and Jesus can only get you, hopefully, to
the first Heaven. In the highest Heaven, we will be gods of our own planets
bearing children to give bodies to the already created spirit beings waiting
to be born. The idea is: as man is, God once was. As god is, man may become.

4. They have the most extensive and thoroughly system of genealogical records
in the world. That is because in the Temple ceremonies, the living saints are
baptized for the dead saints (baptismal re-generation) and are thus sealed one
to another for eternity on one of the levels of Heaven.

5. The Temple ceremony is very, very, very secretive and loaded with Masonic
parallels. From secret ceremonies, oaths, handhsakes, under-garments, etc.,
the comparisons are enormous partly because Joseph Smith was once involved
in the Masonic Lodge.

6. The Book of Mormon is 'another' Gospel of Jesus Christ meaning the Bible
we have is incomplete. They use our Bible, show respect for it, but admit it is
not adequate enough. Enough said! There's the basis for rejection.

7. In the flyleaf of every Book of Mormon and Pearl of Great Price, there is a
disclaimer that states there have been modifications and edits to correct previous
errors. If that disclaimer still exists in current printings, it renders the infallible
words of Joseph Smith and the Mormon Prophets as untrustworthy since God is
all-knowing and infallible.

8. One of the most secretive of Mormon cermonies involves a slogan / chant
taken from the Masonic tradition. The term (if I am spelling it correctly) is:
'Pay-Lay-El.' This is recited while demonstrating a kind of scissors-like movement
of the hands in front of a persons belly. It means that, in essence, may the guts
of the offender who shares these secrets have their bellies cut open and their
guts cut out.

9. This is also indicative of the LDS Under-garments worn by devout Mormons.
There is a slit over the navel (representing man's connection to god, a slit over
the heart (where the knife will be thrust if someone discloses the secrets, etc.)
and another similar opening that I just can't remember right now.

10. Joseph Smith was / is hailed as a martyr. He was not! He was secretly handed
a gun while in jail in Navuoo, Illinois. A mob had gathered outside to come after him
and, I believe, his Brother, Hiram (hope my memory is right with the name).

When they reached his cell, Smith was trying to escape but shot and killed 2 or 3 in
the process. Not a martyr! Martyrs will lay down their lives.

11. The Book of Mormon came to Joseph Smith as he was peering into his hat and
the words would appear in his hat in Egyptian Hieroglyphics. In essence, god was
supposed to be using the language of a fallen, dark, idolatrous system to speak his
full, revealed truth rather than through His chosen tongue.

12. It was delivered by the angel Moroni which is also the name of the angel of
death in Japan.

13. Joseph inscribed them on tablets but no one but Joseph Smith ever saw them.

14. This strange revelation which is to be the completion of God's Word that we
hold as full truth and doctrine, was delivered by nothing more than imagination and
evil spirits.

I could go on but will stop. The question I ask myself is whether or not I would vote
for a Mormon candidate for office. Initially, absolutely not. I would have to make it
a great matter of prayer when it came to an issue of which of the two candidates
could possibly be worse for our Nation.

The goal of the Mormon Church has for decades been a search for preeminence,
especially where the White House is concerned. For years, the Mormon industries
(including all Marriotts, Roy Rodgers Restaurants, etc. to name only 2) were the
largest financial entities of any kind west of the Mississippi. Their money is staggering.

A question that needs to be considerd is whether or not a President’s faith (especially if that President’s faith is a thorough assault on Judeo-Christian doctrinal tenets) could be considered corruptible for our Nation and how it weighs out against other Presidential Candidates who may not have faith, a strong faith or the convictions that make America great because they are Biblically-based.

The issue really is a matter of understanding, whether it becomes an issue about a political candidate or not, that Mormonism is a cult and any Evangelical Leader who says otherwise has not made the subject an issue of study otherwise they would have no means or basis of saying Mormonism is Christian.

The current presidential race is going to set off some explosions where this topic is
concerned and will simply further fracture the Church in America and further alienate
us one from another. Any disunited house will NOT stand.

As a friend of yours who cares about such matters and issues, as I read the news today
and saw these reports and agitations beginning, I felt I had to address it and send this
to you.

Let's pray! God will respond when His Church does.

Freddie and Mary Gaye

This Is The Day The Lord Has Made

This is the day the Lord has made!