Monday, December 31, 2012

The Shape of The Europe To Come

German Elites Discuss Final Shape of United Europe

Full of It, ahhh, Us, Says Pope

Pope: “We Are So ‘Full’ of Ourselves There is No Room Left for God”

Gay and Happy in Illinois Say President

Obama to Debt-Stricken, Murder-Ridden Illinois: 'Legalize Gay Marriage!'

Over The Cliff We Go, For Good

Howard Dean: It's Good For Obama If We Go Over Fiscal Cliff

Christmas and Color

Should Black Christians Celebrate Christmas?

The Buck Stops Where?

If We Go Over The “Fiscal Cliff,” Blame Boehner

Sunday, December 30, 2012

How Much Higher Taxes?

This Is How Much Your Taxes Will Rise If We Fall Off the Fiscal Cliff

The Bright Side of The Cliff

The Bright Side of Falling Off the Fiscal Cliff

The Top 1% Versus the Bottom 95%

The top 1% of US taxpayers pay almost as much in federal income taxes as the entire bottom 95%, and half of that bottom group paid no taxes at all in 2010

Really? Man-made Tornadoes?

Man-made tornadoes may produce green energy (PHOTOS)

Dependency Growing

Government dependents outnumber private sector workers in 11 US states

Jesus' Birthday In Question

Jesus not born 'yesterday': Majority of Christians do not believe December 25 Christ's birth date

Moving Closer To The Mark

China forces real-name telecoms registration

Iran Naval Warm Ups

Iran starts naval drill, prepares to confront Western threats

Oliver Stone On The President

Oliver Stone to RT: US has become an Orwellian state

No Power for Thousands

Thousands of Americans to go without power until after the New Year

Chicago Reaches a New High, a New Low

Chicago murder rate sets new record

Headed Toward a New Cold War

US, Russia plunging into new Cold War

Epidemic Proportions for UK Families

Broken-up Britain? UK epidemic of separated families

Monday, December 24, 2012

Chicago Area Faith Leaders Endorse State's Proposed Gay Marriage Law

Chicago Area Faith Leaders Endorse State's Proposed Gay Marriage Law

Hobby Lobby CEO: Christian Companies Can't Bow to Sinful Mandate

Hobby Lobby CEO: Christian Companies Can't Bow to Sinful Mandate
The spirit of anti-Christ is at work across the land.  God is the source of all life and Christ came to give and preserve life.  Such measures as described here can be described no other way than being anti-Christ.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rahm Emanuel's Diabolical Plot

Chicago Teachers Accuse Rahm Emanuel Of 'Diabolical Plot'

The IMF's 10 Lessons For Fiscal Consolidaion?

The IMF’s 10 lessons for fiscal consolidation
The IMF, along with the European Stabilization Mechanism, the European Central Bank, the Bilderbergs, Trilateral Commission and others are planning our future.  Read it and reap.

Is America Still Center-Right?

Is America still a center-right country? (Part 1): Ideological identification
A new 'center' or 'middle' belief system has been seemingly defined following the election.  However, the facts are that America is still more conservative (and absent) that what it appears.

Who Benefits?

7 Facts About Government Benefits and Who Gets Them

Make Room For Teaching Kids Kindness

The Importance of Teaching Children Kindness at a Very Young Age

Copycat Shooters on Rise

Copycat shooters on a rise after Connecticut rampage

Nothing Is Third (3rd Largest Religion is Nothing

One in six worldwide has no religion - study

Social Not Secure

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Iranian President Ahmadinejad Tells UN Jesus Christ and 'Ultimate Savior' Are Coming

Iranian President Ahmadinejad Tells UN Jesus Christ and 'Ultimate Savior' Are Coming
The world's spiritual atmosphere is ripe for fulfillment of Bible prophecy as well as deception.  The major religions, as well as the ancient Mayans, calculate, sense, believe that something historic is upon us.  For the Christ-follower, we believe global issues point to Christ's soon return.  If we are wrong, there is nothing to lose.  If we are right, it pays to be prepared.  Put all of your trust in your future hope in Christ and receive His love today.

Fed Borrows Nearly $5 Billion Per Day

CBO: Feds Borrowing $4.8 billion Per Day in FY 2013, So Far | CNS News Mobile
After following global market and economy trends for years, I have developed the conviction that the goal, for some, is to run our economy over the fiscal cliff. 
The compromises that stalemated the parties and the White House, are not worth collapsing our economy and driving us over the cliff.  However, it is my conviction that, for some, that is the goal.  I believe it is an intentional effort to force a crisis that leads to a restructuring of powers, currency and national sovereignty - to name a few.
I also believe that 'they' may very well be successful because the real 'culprits' are obscured by the great national passions rising from the auxiliary issues of austerity, etc.  It is kind of like the old saying, 'cutting your nose off to spite your face.'  The smoke of rhetoric rises to obscure something besides the issues being fought in public.  We will want to look beyond the smoke screen to see what, if anything, really is there.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Seattle First Baptist To Marry 30 Gay Couples Sunday

The Biggest Falsehoods Of The Presidential Campaign

PolitiFact | Biggest falsehoods of the presidential campaign
Which candidate told the truth (the most) during the campaign?  Was your candidate the honest one?  The most honest one?  What were the facts resting beyond the claims and rhetoric? provides for us the bottom line, the truth, at the base of many of the recent election issues, claims and distortions.
Check back to resources such as and to get to the bottom and learn how to speak intelligently about the hot topics surrounding our future.  

Sandy First Responders Idles By FEMA

The Fat and Skinny on Fiscal Cliff Facts - A Must-Read

Dueling Fiscal Cliff Deceptions
This article is from the balanced watch group,  It is more than worthwhile to absorb this information in order to sift through what is rhetoric and what is fact.  Whether one is a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or other, there is no need to be ignorant on issues and simply parrot what is heard but not qualified.   

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Shanghai Cooperation Organization Open To India

Ready to join as full member, India tells Shanghai grouping - The Hindu
The reason this article is important is because the SCO is important.  The Shanghai Cooperation Organization represents the largest population demographic and trading bloc in the world.  Originally organized around trade, this group now includes military alignments and has stated, as part of its purpose, to throw off the vulgar control and manipulation of the West.
Additionally, India is one of the first nations to have all of its inhabitants marked and identified electronically.  This is to 'insure that all government benefits can reach everyone.' 

A Bridge, Part Of Bible Prophecy Fulfillment

Land bridge to boost Asia-Europe trade|Economy|
The Bible is clear:  China WILL march west, eventually.  Today, their massive calvary is the only one in the world that is capable of fulfilling what the Bible prophesied, stating the final battle would include so much blood shed that it would run up to the horses' bridles. 
Engineers have created roads and bridges that make a massive transport of troops possible.

Syria Loading Chemical Weapons

Joel C. Rosenberg (@JoelCRosenberg) tweeted at 8:29 PM on Wed, Dec 05, 2012: Syrians loading chem weapons on planes. US, Israel on alert. Could this trigger Bible prophecy of Damascus destruction? #DamascusCountdown ( Get the official Twitter app at

Is The Petro Dollar On The Way Out?

Is the Age of the PetroDollar Over?
In 2003, the three of the Open Nations started using the Euro and Yuan in their international oil trading.  It signaled the first time that the 'almighty' dollar' was no longer the desired reserve currency - a shift, though subtle, had / has far-reaching implications concerning the global confidence in our currency and Nation.

New Union On Horizon

George W. Bush: 'Canada, Mexico and US Should Merge'
It has been reported that following of the formation of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) that this union of the Americas formed a new currency named the 'Amero' in anticipation of the collapse of the Dollar and a push toward a new, global reserve such as the Euro or the Yuan.

Our Taxes And A Global Strategy

BRICS, New World Banker

BRICS: The World's New Banker? - Huffington Post
In an effort to fend off the hundreds of years 'intrusion' of the West on the East and Asia, these nations have created a trading amalgamation whose clout and meteoric rise and development cannot be overlooked.

Russia - New Global Leader?

Recess Appointments Over Turned?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff And The Tax Hike On The One Per Cent

The top 1% of income earners in America contribute 30% of the funds traded on Wall Street and 30% of all monies given to charities.  The taxes on this 1% and the increase that is proposed for this group will run our government for 8 days.  To be such a divisive point, why is so much effort spent on such a small issue?

Mr.Warren Buffett, who is such a great proponent of taxing the wealthiest at a higher rate (inconsequential to me), actually avoids paying higher taxes by receiving no salary or pay but earns through his capital gains - thus avoiding taxes at a higher rate.  Currently, Mr. Buffett is fighting the IRS for millions in taxes that they say he owes.  If you are a proponent of the President's tax hike, shouldn't you be a supporter of it?  Though he is one of our President's greatest proponents of raising the taxes on the wealthiest, he chooses not to participate in, and even fights joining in. 

We are being pushed, pushed -that is, toward the Fiscal Cliff for global, currency and market reasons.  If you want to know reasons why, say so and I will be glad to post my postulations.