Monday, May 27, 2013

Obamacare Expands How the IRS Can Hurt You

Obamacare Expands How the IRS Can Hurt You

Interview: Secular Author Reveals 'Evangelicals You Don't Know'

Interview: Secular Author Reveals 'Evangelicals You Don't Know'

Saturday, May 25, 2013

More Of God In Moore

News from @AP: Tornado upon them, quick choices decided fate:

USBA: Honor the Fallen Memorial Day 2013

USBA: Honor the Fallen Memorial Day 2013

This is an uplifting, must-see . . . 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pope Fascinated With The Devil

News from @AP: The pope and the devil: Is Francis an exorcist?:

Power Tornado

News from @AP: Power of Moore tornado dwarfs Hiroshima bomb:

Monday, May 20, 2013

Ground Zero of Exploding IRS Scandal

Ground Zero of Exploding IRS Scandal

DOJ Targets Fox News

Report: Justice Department targeted TWO Fox News reporters and a producer for talking with government sources | Mail Online

Emanuel Changes The Rules During The Game

Chicago Tribune - City contract seekers donate to Emanuel despite his own ban

Poor Suburbs

Chicago Tribune - More poor live in suburbs than urban areas, research shows

Crime In Chicago By Neighborhood

Chicago Crime --

Why Canadians Are Turning From Religion

Why Canadians Are Turning Away From Organized Religion

The Gay Agenda Strategy

The Gay Agenda Has Reached Its Heyday

Gay Agenda Targets Dept. OF Ed.

US Education Dept. Bows to Gay Agenda, Scraps 'Mother' for 'Parent 1' on Forms

Will 'Scandal' Lead To President's Impeachment

Will IRS Scandal Lead to Obama Impeachment?

The Future Of Bitcoins

The Future of Bitcoin: Three Predictions From Experts - Businessweek

Benghazi-gate And History

Benghazi-gate may have altered history - The Herald Dispatch

Benghazi Crossfire

Benghazi Crossfire: Can White House And State Dept. Dodge Their Own Bullet Talking Points? - Forbes

Suburban Chicago Man Indicted, Connecting With Al Qaeda

Illinois Man Indicted for Trying to Join Al-Qaeda Ally - Bloomberg

Al Qaeda Controls Libya

PressTV - Al-Qaeda virtually in control of Libya: Lawrence Freeman

EU Funding Al Qaeda

European Union Directly Funds Al Qaeda Looting of Syrian oil | Global Research

Chicago Teens Video Tape Rape

Chicago Teens Accused Of Gang-Raping Girl, Posting Video To Facebook, Will Be Tried As Adults - The Huffington Post

Paul Ryan On Benghazi

Paul Ryan On Benghazi: 'I Don't Know' If There Was A Cover-up - The Huffington Post

Goldman's China Investment

Financials - Companies

Ambitious China Eyes The World

Three Teens Arrested After Large Fight On Lakefront On South Side « CBS Chicago

Three Teens Arrested After Large Fight On Lakefront On South Side « CBS Chicago

No More God

News from @AP: High court to weigh in on legislative prayers:

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Merkel And Pope Meet

News from @AP: Merkel and Pope talk about a 'strong' Europe:

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Cost Of Following Christ

Saudi man gets 300 lashes, 6 years for helping woman convert to Christianity, - Sent via the FOX News Android App.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Watch Buffett

Watch What Warren Buffett Does, Not What He Says:

Digital Cash Replacement By RCM

Bible Prophecy - Signposts of the Times: Digital cash replacement from Royal Canadian Mint in the works

The Global Trading System

A Realist's View of the Global Trading System

Truth-O-Meter On Health Care

Barack Obama: For people with insurance, the only impact of the health care law "is that their insurance is stronger, better and more secure than it was before. Full stop. That's it. They don't have to worry about anything else."

No United States Of Europe Says France | ..

Brussels To Clamp Down On Shadow Banking

Brussels to clamp down on 'shadow banking' - Financial Times

Turkey To Join SCO

Strategic shift: Turkey joins the China, Russia led Shanghai Cooperation Organisation : World, News - India Today

Germany Sees Victory Over ECB

Business Insider

Dreaming Of A Better Day

Dreaming of a better day | New Europe

Plan For Peace

The Korea Herald-mobile