Sunday, March 31, 2013

Marriage Was Made In Heaven

Marriage Is a Natural Law, Not Just a Document

Monday, March 25, 2013

Debt Destroys

USADebtClock: The National Debt Per Household is currently $144,986.83. This is enough to buy 120.92 laptops Original Tweet: Sent via TweetDeck (

Friday, March 22, 2013

Unpopular US

USATODAY: America less popular in Middle East now than under Bush administration...

Pope and Islamic Partnership

Pope Wants to Partner With Islam to Tackle Poverty

Is Pope Pro-Gay?

Is Pope Francis Secretly Pro-Gay? - The Huffington Post

‘Vatican Bank is a law unto itself’ | euronews, interview

‘Vatican Bank is a law unto itself’ | euronews, interview

Friday, March 15, 2013

Love People - Period

'Love for every Muslim' should be Christian's heart, panel says (press)

Shadow Banking Caused The 2008 Collapse. What Do You Know About Shadow Banking?

Ask A Banker: Shadow Banking Is Like Banking, Only Shadier : Planet Money : NPR

Who Are The Jesuits?

Pope Francis Is a Jesuit: Seven Things You Need to Know About the Society of Jesus - The Daily Beast

First Jesuit Pope Brings New Concerns

First Jesuit pope brings new concerns, new style

What It Means To Have A Jesuit Pope

Viewpoint: What It Means To Have A Jesuit Pope |

Vatican Bank Reform Struggles

NYT: Power Struggle on Reforming Va

Update On Vatican Bank

Trouble With Vatican Bank Mirrors Woes in U.S. - US News & World Report

Will Pope Answer Muslim Prayers, Too?

Will Pope Francis Answer Muslims' Prayers, Too? : NPR

Avoiding Armageddon

Avoiding Armageddon on the Sub-Continent |

A Single Global Currency Discussed

US - EU - ASIA Transatlantic partnership, a step towards a single currency and world government - Asia News

Mario Draghi On Currency Wars

Business Insider